Aims of the Order

Our Order ultimately concerns itself with ecclesiastical matters. The aims of the association are:

• to promote ecumenical dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Christian Churches,
• to contribute towards wider international and intercultural communications and a mutual understanding between different countries and cultures,
• to assist people in need by supporting the material and spiritual needs of several projects,
• to promote and support several Church institutions, thus enabling them to fulfil their spiritual, social and cultural aims in their charitable works.

The collection of membership fees, as well as donations and other financial contributions (such as legacies which are made out to us) provide financial support for our collaborations with other Church institutions, as well as the other aid-giving projects to which we contribute.

Our association acts selflessly in all our activities, and as such we do not seek to make any financial or economic gain through our activities. Any financial assets that our association receives is used solely for the fulfilling of our aims, and individual members do not receive any payment from our association. As such, no individual is afforded expenses or other financial payments which would constitute unfair favouring of certain individuals within our association.